Add-ons not appearing in the aircraft inventory

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Good afternoon to all.
I know people have already asked questions about add-ons and the replies keep saying "Read the first post"...etc....
I have been using Microsoft FSX for a few years now and am aware of how to add new planes and helicopters and have done so successfully up tp this point.
I downloaded some new additions for myself from this site on Sunday and have ben trying for days to get the add-ons installed!
I have managed to get 1 or 2 installed but the others are all going where they need to go but are not showing up on my inventory. I have the box ticked to show all variations and I have lost track how many times I have re-started my PC in order to allow the add-ons to rest and be detected.
I have tried using the FSX Addit program too.....that accepts the folders and says it has installed them...but they still do not appear in my inventory. I have looked under freeflight, missions and all the other flying options.
I am slowly running out of ideas and patience too.
Among the downloads from Sunday I got  some jet versions F14, F15 & F18 packs....this says it needs "Acceleration" to operate??? I have tried seacrhing for an Acceleration pack but cannot find a standalone pack by the same name? How do I run the add-ons for the jets? Do I need to dowenload something else to go with FSX?
Also I have downloaded the Lancaster/Spitfire & Hurricane pack...that too will not be recognised either.
(Along with the 75th anniversary Lancaster/Dambuster pack).

Everything else is working just fine so am stumped as to what could be amiss with these certain add-ons.

Any help or direction would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance. (A very frustrated amateur pilot)


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Acceleration  contains SP1 and SP2 patches.
You can load them yourself but many have had problems doing it that way.
I bought the Acceleration Pack ($29.95) when it came out, see if you can find one on Amazon or eBay.



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Thanks for that.
I have already installed SP1 & SP2 for FSX.
Should that mean that the games requiring Acceleration pack should work ok or do I still need to buy the standalone Acceleration pack?
Sorry for al the questions.....
Technology is great when it does what it is supposed to do!....and when it doesn't......the head-scratching begins!!!


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If you have installed SP1 and SP2 then the Acceleration Pack is not necessary.
All downloads that require it should work.
All it would add would be new aircraft, scenery etc.


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Thanks again for the clarification Mr Radarman.

I shall have to try and give it another go.

I am usually systematic with all things like this but added a few at a time instead of one at a time.

I shall be more precise this time and add one add on at a time and check to see if it appears and work with that methinks.

Thanks again.

I shall let you know how I get on.



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