Can't install Logitech's panels and instraments into P3Dv5.2


Logitech's panels and instruments work fine in P3D v4.5( No 1 SIM).  My No. 2 SIM P3D v5.2 panels and instruments do not work.  Logitech's works, we are working on, reinstal, etc. 

One suggested on the Web that I modify one of Logitech's files. That did not work either, although I did not fully understand his procedure.  In my defense, people have a bad habbit of leaving out critical parts for me to fill in the blanks. I'm not a computer wiz. This is my brother's computer who recently passed away.
Can you help?

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Johan991 Guest

In p3d v4 I start SaiFlightSim.exe myself when the plane is loading. May be that works too for v5? I made an picto on dashboerd with a link to SaiFlightSim.exe. You may verify SaiFlightSim precence in the taskmanager. Sometimes I have then to reconnect the panels with the USB connectors. Hope it works for you too.

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