how to remove steam FSX addons

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I need to find where my purchased addons I purchased from steam when I downloaded Steam FSX and how do I remove one or more from affecting the original Steam FSX

The Steam site is confusing and support from where is confusing it seems no support from steam and its all chat or forumsĀ 

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how to remove or add your steam add-ons to/from FSX: SE

  1. Navigate to your Steam Library Home section
  2. Right Click on Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition
  3. Select Properties
  4. select DLC
  5. Either Checkmark or remove the checkmark beside the DLC you wish remove
    1. The check-marked DLC's are the ones you currently have enabled
    2. The not check-marked DLC's are the ones that areĀ not added to your FSX: SE
  6. After selecting the DLC's click update on the main page of FSX: SE

To use this fix you will have to have the steam application downloaded on your computer.

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