Config files: Fltsim.XX Replace the XX's with a number. ??

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   I,m sorry if I sound like a dummy, I'm an old senior that enjoys flying. I don't understand that replacing the x's with the next number means. Would someone pleas help me and explain exactly what i'm supposeed to do.This has kept me from installing acft in fltsim X. Example: {Fltsim.XX} change the XX's to the next number and place  it above it.  What number does it mean ?   Thank you.. I'l be looking for the answere.    John

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Ron (romo1703) Trainee

I believe your question relates to the aircraft configuration file which holds all the data relative to that particular acrft you are installing or have installed,
and normally you would not need to access that file except perhaps when installing new liveries for that aircraft, will copy the "flightsim xx" file and paste it below the last 'flightsim" numbered file for that aircraft in the aircraft.cfg file and renumber xx with the next progressive number.
If I were you I would explore the FSX folder in the computer and navigate to one of your installed planes and have a poke around, look inside folders but do not change anything at this stage.
The FSX path to airplanes is, for eg, and assuming its in Drive C so here we go  open drive C and find the FSX folder, open it,................
then open "SimObjects" then open "Airplanes" then open an Airplane folder, look in the cfg file and explore,  you will find

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