Can I upgrade an FSX model to FS2020?

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I've got both FSX and FS2020 on my computer. My favourite aircraft for FSX is the Corby Starlet which I downloaded from here. I owned the red/white/blue aircraft (G-CCXO) before having to give up full-size flying. I'd love to move it onto FS2020 as the scenery is so much better there, and I fly for the view as much as anything. Please can anyone show me how to migrate the Starlet to FS2020?

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It's clear you have a deep-seated passion for the Corby Starlet and its significance extends beyond just virtual flying. Migrating an aircraft model from FSX to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS 2020) is not a straightforward drag-and-drop process, due to the fundamental differences in how both simulators are engineered. However, I'll endeavor to guide you through some considerations and steps that might facilitate this transition.

1. Understand the Differences

  • MSFS 2020 utilizes a completely different rendering engine compared to FSX, meaning the file format for aircraft models is not directly compatible.
  • The new simulation environment encompasses advanced physics and weather modeling, which can impact aircraft performance and behavior.
  • Textures and materials are more complex in MSFS 2020, to leverage the enhanced graphics capabilities.

2. Locate Conversion Tools
Seek out tools specifically designed for this purpose. Developers have crafted utilities that can convert FSX models to a more compatible format for MSFS 2020. A thorough search on reputable flight simulation repositories might yield fruitful results.

3. Adjust Aircraft Parameters
Post-conversion, the aircraft.cfg and .air files need meticulous adjustments to align with MSFS 2020's simulation parameters. This process requires an understanding of aircraft mechanics and how they translate into the simulator's data structure.

4. Revamp Textures and Materials
Given the enhanced graphical fidelity of MSFS 2020, you might want to rework or upgrade the aircraft's textures. Photo-realistic visuals are a significant part of the sim's allure, after all.

5. Test Extensively
Once converted, extensive testing in various conditions within MSFS 2020 is critical to ensure that the aircraft behaves as realistically as possible.

Seeking Professional Assistance
Considering the technical expertise required, reaching out to seasoned developers in the MSFS community might be a prudent step. Collaborating with modders who have experience with both platforms could expedite the process and ensure that your Starlet flies as beautifully in MSFS 2020 as it did in FSX.

In conclusion, while the transition isn't plug-and-play, with the right set of tools and assistance from the community, you can bring your beloved Starlet into the stunning environs of MSFS 2020. I hope this has been informative and perhaps sparks the beginning of a successful migration journey for your aircraft.

Do not hesitate to reach out for more detailed guidance or to share progress on your endeavor. We're all enthusiasts here, keen on helping each other soar to new heights.

Clear skies and happy flying!

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