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I noticed an SDK folder in the FSX:SE edition & am wondering in regards to the Airport Design Editor, can it be used without the FSX disk?
The instructions in the Tutorial (ADE version 1.20) say we need the FSX disk ... but this is also from 2015 if not earlier.  Has the SE edition been updated so I will not need the disk?  Or are we still required to have a disk?
I tried running the update in the SDK folder of FSX:SE <fsx_sdk_sp1a.exe> but it requested disk1.
So, is there a way (yet) to install & run the ADE (currently 1.65) without the full disk set of FSX?
Thanks in advance for your input.

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To answer my own question because no one else seems to be able to, in a short answer, No.
The files in the SDK folder of FSX:SE are example files only & a lot is missing.  However, you can still install the Airport Design Editor (ADE) 1.65 without the disks.
First, download the ADE 1.65 but do not install it yet.
Second, you need to google the 'Prepar3D_SDK_Setup'.  The version I found was v5.3.17.28160
Third, when installing Prepar3D, use the detault settings, otherwise the ADE gets lost.  The detault settings puts the Prepar3D SDK in <C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 SDK> folder.
Fourth, reboot.  I burned an hour trying to get ADE to work before rebooting, then all of a sudden, everything worked flawlessly.
Fifth, install ADE 1.65 to a directory of your choice & follow the prompts.  Be sure to read the install instructions inclued with ADE as it has some steps needed to make it work nicely.
Sixth, go edit some airport to your liking & enjoy.

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