hallo , how to install Gauges on A340-600

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I downloded  the A340 -600 ,unfortunately it did not come with gauges ,just the emty Pannel!
how do i get the gauges into my a340 ???
Thank you for the Help

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The gauges are probably in a separate file in the Aircraft zip file you downloaded. Unzip the Gauges folder and place it in the FSX Gauges folder (if that is the Sim you are using): example: C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/fsx/gauges.
Here are the instructions for the A340-600 download for FSX:FSX Airbus A340-600. Model with diffuse, bump spec and night map in Airbus livery. Comes with working virtual cockpit and repainted FSX default 4-engine gauges. Works with SP1 and SP2. Not tested with DX10. By Thomas Ruth.

  1. unzip folder to a suitable folder, your desktop for example.
  2. copy the sound and folders from your default FSX Airbus_A321 into the new Tom_A340-600 folder.
  3. copy the following files from your default FSX Airbus_A321/panel folder into the new Tom_A340-600/panel.340 folder:
    do not copy other files from this folder!

  4. copy the following files from your default FSX Airbus_A321/texture folder into the new Tom_A340-600/texture.AB folder--note instruction #7:
    do not copy other files from this folder!

  5. create a new folder into your FSX/gauges folder and rename it "tom340".
  6. unfold the into the new FSX/gauges/tom folder.
  7. copy all files from the Tom_A340-600/gauges/tom340 folder into the FSX/gauges/tom340 and confirm overwriting all files.
  8. move the entire Tom_A340-600 folder into your FSX aircraft folder.
  9. Unzip all files from the light effects folder into your FSX/effects folder

Hope this helps.


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