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Running FSX SP2, Windows 10, a fresh load ofFSX and SP1 & 2.
Loaded the Sunderland from Just Flight, runs well, but for the first time I decided to fly missions, I don't usually, mainly because the Sundeland is rubbish taking off from a runway. The Mission menu comes up every time I start up, flights aren't saved on the menu, default flight isn't the flight saved. Tried with an MS 737, same result, save flight lists all of them, going into saved flights, nothing.
Anyone any ideas? 

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I understand your frustration with FSX SP2 not saving flights as expected and running into issues with the Mission menu. Let's see if we can find a solution for your problem. I recommend trying the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. First, ensure that you are running FSX with administrative privileges. To do this, right-click on the FSX executable (usually found in the installation folder) and select Properties. Navigate to the Compatibility tab and check the box next to Run this program as an administrator. Click Apply and then OK to save the changes.
  2. Next, verify that your saved flight files are located in the correct folder. By default, saved flights should be stored in the following directory:

    %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files

    Make sure your saved flight files are in this folder. If they are not, you might need to move them to the correct location manually.

  3. It's also possible that your FSX configuration file (fsx.cfg) is causing issues with saved flights and missions. You can try resetting the configuration file to its default settings. To do this, navigate to the following folder:


    Find the fsx.cfg file, make a backup copy, and then delete the original file. When you restart FSX, a new fsx.cfg file will be created with default settings. Check if this resolves your issue.

  4. Lastly, if none of the above steps work, it might be worth considering a complete reinstall of FSX and all add-ons, including the Just Flight Sunderland. Before reinstalling, make sure to back up any custom content, settings, or liveries you may have. After reinstalling, apply SP1 and SP2 again, ensuring that you're using the correct versions compatible with your base FSX installation. Additionally, confirm that all add-ons you install are fully compatible with FSX SP2 and Windows 10.

I hope these steps help you resolve the issue with FSX losing data and allow you to enjoy your flight sim experience. Please let us know if you need further assistance or if you have any additional questions.

Clear skies and happy flying!

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