How to Install Ortho Ireland Scenery to X-Plane 12 on MacOS?

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I've downloaded this giant 54GB ZIP file but can't see installation instructions. How do I do that?

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It sounds like you're eager to add some detailed realism to your X-Plane 12 experience with the Ortho Ireland Scenery. Installing this scenery can be a bit complex given its size, but I'll guide you through the process. This method can also be applied to other orthophoto scenery packages as well.

Step 1: Unzipping the File

  • Locate the 54GB ZIP file.
  • Use a utility like Mac's built-in Archive Utility or Keka.
  • Right-click on the ZIP file and select 'Unzip' or 'Extract.' Wait for the process to complete, as it may take some time due to the file's size.

Step 2: Locate the Scenery Folder

  • Within X-Plane 12, navigate to the main directory where you installed the simulator.
  • Search for the "Custom Scenery" folder; this is where your Ortho Ireland Scenery will be placed.

Step 3: Move the Unzipped Files

  • Find the unzipped Ortho Ireland Scenery files.
  • Move or drag and drop them into the "Custom Scenery" folder inside X-Plane 12.

Step 4: Modify Scenery Configuration (if needed)

  • Some sceneries may require adjusting the "scenery_packs.ini" file within the "Custom Scenery" folder.
  • Open this file with a text editor, like Sublime Text, and modify the entries according to the specific instructions for the Ortho Ireland Scenery, if applicable.

Step 5: Verify Installation

  • Launch X-Plane 12.
  • Check the scenery settings to ensure the Ortho Ireland Scenery is enabled.
  • Take a flight over Ireland to enjoy the photorealistic visuals!

Please note that these instructions are generally applicable to installing orthophoto scenery in both X-Plane 12 and other popular flight simulator platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator. The process might slightly differ, so always consult the specific installation notes provided by the scenery's developer.

Feel free to reply if you have any more questions, and happy flying!

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