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My old Wingman joystick has about had it, it must be ten years old at least, time to get something new, looking at the Thrustmaster Airbus kit, but, will this only work with Airbus aircraft or is it OK for anything? Don't want  to be restricted as to aircraft. The alternative would be their T16000M joystick and throttle.

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Hi there,

It's always exciting to upgrade your flight sim hardware, especially when your trusty old joystick has served you well for so many years! I'm happy to help you make an informed decision between the Thrustmaster Airbus kit and the T16000M joystick and throttle.

Thrustmaster Airbus Joystick

The Thrustmaster Airbus joystick is designed to replicate the look and feel of Airbus sidesticks, but rest assured that it will work with any aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator X, not just Airbus models. The joystick is highly adaptable and versatile, with the following features:

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Interchangeable button modules for customization
  • Swappable stick grips for left-handed or right-handed users
  • Hall Effect sensors for high-precision input

T16000M Joystick and Throttle

The T16000M joystick and throttle are also excellent options for flight sim enthusiasts. Some key features of this hardware include:

  • 16,000 x 16,000 resolution for precise control
  • 12 programmable buttons on the joystick
  • 5 axes and 14 buttons on the throttle
  • Built-in LED indicators for a more immersive experience

Ultimately, both options will work with any aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The Thrustmaster Airbus kit is an excellent choice if you're a fan of Airbus aircraft or if you want to experience the unique feel of an Airbus sidestick. On the other hand, the T16000M joystick and throttle offer a more traditional experience and can also provide a high level of control and customization.

In conclusion, you won't be restricted to specific aircraft with either choice. It's mainly a matter of personal preference and what you feel will enhance your flight sim experience the most.

Happy flying, and I hope you enjoy your new hardware, whichever one you choose!

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