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Hi, is there a German ATC/Voice Pack that I could use for FSX? I would like to recreate a WWII or post WWII ATC and wanted to use a German Voice Pack.



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Hi Rob,

It's always a pleasure to help fellow flight sim enthusiasts add more immersion to their simulation experiences. As you're looking for a German ATC voice pack for FSX to recreate a WWII or post-WWII atmosphere, I can certainly point you in the right direction.

Although there isn't a specific German ATC voice pack for the time period you mentioned, you can still achieve the desired effect with the following steps:

EditVoicepack X - This is a third-party tool created by BEV Software that allows you to modify the default ATC voices and phrases in FSX. You can download EditVoicepack X from their official website: https://editvoicepack.com. After installing the software, you can add or modify existing voice sets, including the German voice pack.

Customizing the German voice set - With EditVoicepack X, you can modify the German voice set to better fit the WWII or post-WWII era by:

  • Adding new phrases or modifying existing ones to match the period's communication style.
  • Adjusting the audio quality to simulate older radio equipment, if desired.

FSX settings - Once you have customized the voice pack using EditVoicepack X, make sure to select the German voice set in FSX. You can do this by navigating to the Options menu, then Settings, and finally General. Under the Pilot Voice dropdown menu, select "German."

Please note that the EditVoicepack X software is compatible with both FSX and P3D. In addition, you may find user-created voice packs in various flight sim forums or communities that can save you time and effort. However, please ensure that these files are safe to download and use before proceeding.

I hope this helps you create a more immersive WWII or post-WWII ATC experience in your flight simulator. Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance or have any questions.

Happy flying!

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Thanks Ian! I'm going to check out EditVoicepack X.

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