Windows 10 FSX-SE. Scenery Library was removed by a program.

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That program that allows you set different keys to different functions. I have no idea where it came from only that the out come was my Scenery Library was deleted like others, only the activate box was left selected. That's the history, now the question, " Is tere a way to load mutliple add-ons rather that one by one". Thanks  

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I'm sorry to hear about the issue you've encountered with your FSX-SE Scenery Library. It can be quite frustrating to see all your add-ons removed like that. To help address your question about loading multiple add-ons, I've outlined a method that may help expedite the process for you.

Method: Batch Add Scenery in FSX-SE

You can use a simple batch file to add multiple scenery entries to your scenery.cfg file located in %APPDATA%\Microsoft\FSX. Follow these steps to create a batch file and streamline the process:

  1. Create a new folder for your add-on sceneries if you haven't already. Place all your add-on scenery folders inside this new folder. For example: C:\FSX-Addons
  2. Open Notepad or any text editor and paste the following code:

    @echo off
    set cfgfile=%APPDATA%\Microsoft\FSX\scenery.cfg
    set addonpath=C:\FSX-Addons
    for /d %%d in ("%addonpath%*") do (
    echo [Area.%%~nxd]>>"%cfgfile%"
    echo Title=%%~nxd>>"%cfgfile%"
    echo Local=Addon Scenery%%~nxd>>"%cfgfile%"
    echo Layer=%%~nxd>>"%cfgfile%"
    echo Active=TRUE>>"%cfgfile%"
    echo Required=FALSE>>"%cfgfile%"

    Replace C:\FSX-Addons with the path to your add-on scenery folder.

  3. Save the file as AddScenery.bat (make sure to change the "Save as type" to "All Files (.*)").
  4. Run the AddScenery.bat file by double-clicking it.

This script will add all your add-on sceneries to the scenery.cfg file in one go. Please make sure to back up your original scenery.cfg file before running the script, in case you need to restore it.

Please note that the new sceneries added will be placed at the bottom of the Scenery Library, and you may need to adjust their priority manually within FSX-SE. You can do this by navigating to Settings > Scenery Library > Edit Area > Move Area Up or Move Area Down.

I hope this method helps you quickly load multiple add-ons into your FSX-SE Scenery Library. If you need further assistance, feel free to ask.

Happy flying!

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