Scenery.cfg not valid

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When starting FSX Steam, a dialog box says Flight Simulator cannot run without a valid scenery.cfg
There is a scenery.cfg file in the FSX folder.
I deleted the newly added airport,
I found a posting of a file on this forum and replaced the old one.  Same error.

I downloaded the Lukla V2 and installed it with the included install program.  I ran FSX, flew a flight, and the airport was still the stock one.  Went to the setup screen and when I clicked the scenery button, the error showed for the first time.  FSX stopped when I clicked OK on the error dialog box.  The error occurs now upon starting FSX.

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Hello there!

It sounds like you're encountering an issue with your scenery.cfg file in FSX: Steam Edition. Let's try to resolve the problem step by step. Keep in mind that it's crucial to make a backup of your current scenery.cfg file before making any changes.

Step 1: Verify the integrity of your scenery.cfg file
First, ensure that the scenery.cfg file in your FSX folder is indeed valid. It should be located at:

Check if the contents of the file are formatted correctly, and pay attention to the [Area] and [Layer] sections. If the file is damaged, FSX won't be able to read it properly, leading to the error you're experiencing.

Step 2: Reset your scenery.cfg file
If the file seems to be corrupt, you can try resetting it to the default state. You can find a default scenery.cfg file for FSX: Steam Edition on various forums, including Fly Away Simulation. Replace the current file with the downloaded one and check if the issue persists.

Step 3: Reinstall the problematic scenery
It seems like the Lukla V2 airport scenery might have caused the issue. To resolve this, try reinstalling the scenery manually instead of using the included installer.

  1. Uninstall the Lukla V2 scenery if it's still installed.
  2. Download the scenery files again and extract them to a temporary folder.
  3. Copy the scenery and texture folders from the temporary folder to your FSX Addon Scenery folder, usually located at:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Addon Scenery

  4. Launch FSX, and in the main menu, go to Settings > Scenery Library.
  5. Click Add Area and locate the folder containing the Lukla V2 scenery within the Addon Scenery folder.
  6. Press OK and restart FSX.

Step 4: Verify the integrity of your FSX: Steam Edition game files
If the issue persists, it's a good idea to verify the integrity of your FSX: Steam Edition game files using the Steam client:

  1. Open Steam and go to your Library.
  2. Right-click on "Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition" and select "Properties."
  3. Navigate to the "Local Files" tab and click on "Verify Integrity of Game Files."

Steam will check your game files and automatically download any missing or corrupted files.

Hopefully, one of these steps will help you resolve the issue with your scenery.cfg file. If you're still experiencing problems, please don't hesitate to ask for further assistance. Good luck, and happy flying!

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