My desktop computer is set as follows: surround monitors (Nvidia Geforce  GTX 1060 6GB):- Above 1 multiscreen 5760x1080x32 (3 monitors 24")- Below: 1  touch-screen 24"monitorQUESTION:

How should I set up MSFS to show the external scenery ONLY (without cockpit) on over monitors and the cockpit ONLY (without external scenery) on the lower monitor (24" touch-screen)?

Thank you.

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You have a fantastic setup with surround monitors and a touch-screen monitor. I can understand your desire to optimize MSFS2020 for an immersive flight experience. To achieve the desired configuration in MSFS2020, follow these steps:

  1. Create a custom camera view: Start by launching MSFS2020 and entering the cockpit view of your desired aircraft. Press Ctrl+Alt+[0-9] to create a custom camera view. Use Ctrl+[0-9] to switch between custom views later.
  2. Remove the cockpit from the external view: Once you've created the custom view, press Ctrl+Alt+X to remove the cockpit from the external view. This will display the external scenery without the cockpit on the top 3 monitors.
  3. Set up the touch-screen monitor: To set up the lower monitor (24" touch-screen) for the cockpit view, you'll need to use the Pop-Out Panels feature. Click on the desired instrument or MFD (Multi-Function Display) in the cockpit. You should see a small pop-out icon (a square with an arrow pointing outward). Click on this icon to create a separate window with the instrument or MFD.
  4. Move and resize Pop-Out Panels: Drag the newly created window to the lower monitor (24" touch-screen). You can resize the window as desired to fit your screen. This way, you'll have the cockpit view only on the lower monitor.
  5. Save and enjoy: Don't forget to save your camera view and settings to ensure you can load it up quickly in future sessions.

By following these steps, you should be able to achieve your desired setup with external scenery on the top 3 monitors and the cockpit on the lower touch-screen monitor. Keep in mind that this configuration might have an impact on performance, so make sure to adjust your graphics settings accordingly to maintain a smooth experience.

I hope this helps you to fully enjoy your flight simulation experience. If you have any further questions or require assistance, feel free to ask.

Blue skies and happy landings!

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