Configuring Dual Independent VR in MSFS for Instructor & Student

Paulo Morgado Guest

Hi gents

I do apologize if this question has been posted. It is possible to connect 2 independent VR in MSFS. For example, one would be the instructor and the other the person the student. But with independent points of view inside the aircraft?

Thank you, Paulo.

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Hello Paulo,

Your question is an intriguing one and it's certainly a topic that's been on many flight simulator enthusiasts' minds. Just to clarify your question, you're asking whether it's possible to have two separate Virtual Reality (VR) views in Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS 2020), essentially enabling two different perspectives in the virtual cockpit – one for an instructor and one for a student.

In essence, you're looking for a dual-seat, dual-perspective VR experience.

From my knowledge, as of now, MSFS 2020 does not natively support this functionality. VR in MSFS 2020 is fundamentally a single-user experience. The flight simulation world has been designed around the concept of single-pilot operations, with the VR perspective tied to a single viewpoint.

The VR implementation in MSFS 2020 (which uses OpenXR [an open standard for VR and AR, designed to make cross-platform VR and AR applications easier to develop]) currently supports one headset per instance of the game. This means that you can't connect two headsets to one game instance.

A potential workaround, though not perfect, would be to run two separate instances of the simulator on two different machines, each with its own VR headset. This method, however, would not allow for an "instructor" and "student" interaction within the same cockpit.

The use of third-party software or mods could potentially allow for a multi-user VR experience, but this is highly experimental and not officially supported. It would involve quite a bit of tinkering and may lead to unexpected results or potential instability in the game.

One such software that comes to mind is FlyInside (a VR flight simulator designed to give a realistic and immersive flight experience). They have been pioneers in the VR flight simulation space and have been successful in creating a multi-user VR environment for their own simulator. However, their application is standalone and not an MSFS 2020 add-on.

Microsoft and Asobo (the developers of MSFS 2020) have been very active in developing and expanding the feature set of their simulator. We can only hope that they'll consider this dual VR feature for a future update.

In the meantime, the Shared Cockpit feature (where two users can share control of the same aircraft, each from their own PC) might be a viable alternative for your instructional purposes. While it doesn't give the dual VR view you're after, it does allow an instructor and student to interact within the same aircraft.

I hope this clarifies the current situation. Here's to hoping that future updates will bring this exciting feature to life!

Safe flying!

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