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I have been trying to get the Flight Simulator Instructor thing to work, but when I have it 'hosted' from the Instructor program and my 'student' tries to join it says "Can't join - Session Full" even though there is nobody on apart from me, the instructor

There is no place to change the max player limit like there is in normal fs hosting.

Can anyone help me with this because its rather annoying

Did anyone else ever expierence a problem like this??

Thank you

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dvorak Guest

so nobody every expierenced a problem like this before?

What do you think is wrong?


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I've never used it, this is from the Learning Center:

To set up the student's computer

1. Connect to a network or the Internet.
2. Double-click the Flight Simulator shortcut.
3. On the main screen, click Multiplayer, and then click the Open multiplayer session button.
On the Flights menu, choose Multiplayer Session, and then click Connect.
In the Multiplayer Connect dialog box, type a name in the Player name box.
4. Click Search.
Under Sessions, select the instructor's session.
5. Click Join.
6. On the Flights menu, click Select a Flight (optional).
When the student and the instructor are ready, start flying. 🙂

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