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can I replace the GPS on MSFS 2020 by the GPS on FSX? Thank you

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Hello, fellow aviator,

Let's dive into the details of your query regarding the interchangeability of the GPS system between MSFS 2020 and FSX. From my knowledge, the short answer to your question is, unfortunately, no. The reasons behind this are anchored in how each flight simulator has been coded and structured.

First, allow me to explain what the GPS system is in the context of a flight simulator. The GPS or Global Positioning System is an integral part of the navigation system within flight simulators. It provides pilots with accurate data, such as location, altitude, speed, and course, to name a few.

Let's dive deeper into why the swap isn't possible. The primary obstacle lies in the distinct coding frameworks used in MSFS 2020 and FSX.

  1. MSFS 2020: This is developed using modern programming languages and software engineering techniques. Its GPS system is based on the latest GPS navigational tech available in real-world aviation.
  2. FSX: On the other hand, this older simulator was created with legacy software engineering principles. Its GPS module is based on now outdated GPS tech, specifically the Garmin GNS 500/600 series.

The difference in software structure makes it impossible to directly transfer the GPS system from FSX to MSFS 2020. MSFS 2020 is based on an entirely new engine - developed from scratch, while FSX is built on an older, less flexible software architecture.

Another critical point to consider is the graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI is the visual part of the software that allows users to interact with the system using graphical icons and audio indicators. The GUI of the GPS system in FSX is not compatible with MSFS 2020 due to the underlying software structure differences.

Now, while you can't directly replace the GPS system from FSX into MSFS 2020, there are viable alternatives. There are numerous third-party plugins available that enhance the GPS system of MSFS 2020 to mimic the look and functionality of the FSX GPS system. One popular option is the Reality XP GNS series. This plug-in brings the FSX GPS style into MSFS 2020 while maintaining compatibility with the new software architecture.

Please remember, these are third-party addons, and while they have been created to work with MSFS 2020, you should always check for compatibility updates and read user reviews before making any purchases.

I hope this clarifies the complexities of swapping the GPS system between these two unique simulators.

jjrenard44 Guest

Thank you for this very comprehensive answer

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