How do I search for a specific addon?

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I would particularly like to find some scenerries for Nicaragua and Central  America without going through all 156 or so pages. Is there a map or search box I can use to see what's avalable in a certian part of the world? I am on P3DV5.3.  
Thanks in advance.

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I can appreciate your desire to pinpoint specific sceneries in the vast ocean of options available on our website. Indeed, finding the add-ons that you want without having to scroll through countless pages can be quite a task. To make your experience smoother, there's indeed a feature designed specifically to facilitate this: the search function.

The search function can be accessed in two ways. The first, and perhaps the most intuitive, is to use the magnifying glass icon located at the top-right corner of the Fly Away Simulation webpage. Clicking on this icon will direct you to the search page.

The second method is to directly visit our dedicated search page by typing in the URL bar: Either of these methods will bring you to our search page where you can input your query.

In your case, if you're looking for specific sceneries in Central America or Nicaragua, you can simply type "Nicaragua scenery" or "Central America scenery" in the search bar. This keyword-based approach will yield all the related add-ons for all the simulators we cover, including the P3DV5.3 you're using, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, X-Plane, and FSX.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a map-based search feature. However, the keyword-based search should serve your purpose well. To further refine your results, consider using additional keywords related to the type of scenery you're interested in, for instance "urban", "airport", "forest", etc.

If you happen to come across an add-on you're interested in but isn't compatible with P3DV5.3, do not despair. Many developers create different versions of their add-ons compatible with various simulators, so a version for your simulator might be available, just not immediately visible in your search results.

Finally, remember that the search function's effectiveness is directly related to the specificity of your keywords. So, the more accurately you can describe what you're searching for, the more the system can assist you in finding it.

I hope this clarifies the functionality of the search tool and aids in streamlining your journey towards finding the perfect sceneries for your flight simulation experiences. If you have further questions, feel free to ask. We're here to help.

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Thankyou very much Ian!

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