Guidance on Correctly Installing Addon Scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

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I know there is a how-to section somewhere and I can't find it. I tried to do a search but came up empty. My question is I have trouble with Addon Scenery working.  Sometimes it works when I enter it and sometimes it doesn't. The download instructions just say to put this in your Addon Scenery.

Ok let's say the scenery title is MMM, ok so do I just cut and paste this to ADDON SCENERY or do I open the MMM and then Open the scenery folder and copy and paste that into the scenery and then open the texture and copy and past it in the texture and then just copy and paste XXX in the folder ADDON SCENERY...I get it once you understand the process it's simple but at times it does not work. Once you are done with ADDON SCENERY you go to to scenery library enter it there and then put it in the folder ADDON SCENERY  but again the steps just put it in do not explain much.  I'm sure it has been posted many times but I could not come up with it in search or the how-to section.


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Sorry posted in wrong section. Found answer whichi is what I have been doing but 50% of the time there is no change in the scenery. Thanks


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Hello Sterk03,

Your query about integrating addon scenery into Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is quite common and I'm here to help. Let's break down the process into clear, manageable steps. Remember, the key to success with addons is in the details of installation and organization.

Step 1: Preparing the Addon Scenery

  • When you download scenery, it typically comes in a compressed format like .zip or .rar. First, extract these files using software like WinRAR or 7-Zip.
  • You'll often find folders named 'Scenery' and 'Texture' within your extracted folder. These are crucial for the addon to function correctly.

Step 2: Copying to the Addon Scenery Folder

  • Navigate to the root directory of your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. This is usually in your 'Documents' folder, under a path like 'Documents\Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery'.
  • If the addon provides a single folder (let's call it 'MMM' as in your example), place this entire folder into the 'Addon Scenery' directory.
  • If separate 'Scenery' and 'Texture' folders are provided, place them inside a newly created folder within 'Addon Scenery'. This new folder should be named after the addon, for example, 'MMM'.

Step 3: Activating in the Scenery Library

  • Now, launch Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.
  • Go to 'Settings', and then 'Scenery Library'.
  • Click on 'Add Area', navigate to the 'Addon Scenery' folder, and select the folder you just added (e.g., 'MMM').
  • Ensure it's checked and positioned correctly in the priority list. Higher priority means it will be loaded over the default scenery.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If the scenery doesn't appear, double-check the folder structure. It should typically be 'Addon Scenery\MMM\Scenery' and 'Addon Scenery\MMM\Texture'.
  • Ensure there are no duplicate files in other scenery folders, as this can cause conflicts.
  • If all else fails, restarting the simulator or even the computer can sometimes resolve minor glitches.

Keep in mind that scenery addons can vary in installation procedures. Always refer to the specific instructions provided by the addon developer. Also, this process is quite similar in other popular simulators like X-Plane 12, though folder paths may differ.

Asking for More Details
If you're still facing issues or have specific addons in mind, feel free to provide more details. Knowing exactly which scenery you're trying to install or any error messages you're encountering can be immensely helpful in troubleshooting.

Remember, the beauty of flight simulators like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 lies in their expansiveness and the community's contribution to enhancing the experience. Patience and attention to detail are your allies here.

Fly high and safe!

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