How Do I Play Multiplayer? A Few Questions.

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Being relatively new to the immersive world of PC flight simulation, I recently got myself a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020. Honestly, I'm quite fascinated by its realistic graphics and vast expanse of flyable regions. But there's one thing that's been bugging me: How do I dive into the multiplayer mode?

  1. Is there a specific menu or tab I need to navigate to within the game interface to access multiplayer?
  2. Are there any specific hardware requirements or additional plugins required to ensure a seamless multiplayer experience?
  3. Do I need a consistent high-speed internet connection? If so, what's the recommended bandwidth?
  4. Are there different multiplayer modes, like open world versus structured events or challenges?
  5. Is it possible to fly in tandem with friends? If yes, do we need to be on the same server or region?
  6. I've come across terms like ATC (Air Traffic Control) and VFR (Visual Flight Rules) in context with multiplayer. How do they play a role?
  7. Lastly, are there any etiquette or guidelines I should be aware of when interacting with other players online?

I'd appreciate any pointers from the seasoned pilots here. Looking forward to exploring the virtual skies alongside fellow enthusiasts!

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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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Welcome to the vibrant community of PC flight simulation! Your excitement towards MSFS 2020's graphics and expansiveness resonates with many of us. Jumping right into your queries:

Accessing Multiplayer Mode:
From the main menu, navigate to the World Map tab. In the top-right corner, there's a dropdown menu labeled Air Traffic. Here, you can choose between AI traffic, real-time online traffic, or no traffic. For multiplayer, ensure it's set to Live Players.

Hardware and Plugin Requirements:
MSFS 2020 is optimized to offer multiplayer without additional plugins. But, it's essential your hardware meets the recommended requirements for the game. Opt for high-quality yokes, rudder pedals, and throttles (for example, from companies like CH Products or Saitek) for a better experience.

Internet Connection:
A consistent high-speed internet connection is crucial. I recommend a bandwidth of at least 5 Mbps for downloads and 1 Mbps for uploads. This ensures smooth gameplay without lags, especially in densely populated airspaces.

Multiplayer Modes:
Yes, there are different modes:
Open World: Freely explore the skies with other players.
Events or Challenges: Specific events hosted by the community or the game developers.

Flying in Tandem with Friends:
Certainly! If you both want to see each other in-game, make sure you're both set to the Live Players mode. It's not strictly necessary to be in the same server or region, but it can enhance your connectivity experience.

Role of ATC and VFR:
ATC (Air Traffic Control): In multiplayer, you can either interact with AI-controlled ATC or real players who take on the role of ATC, enhancing the realism of flight operations.
VFR (Visual Flight Rules): This refers to the rules by which pilots fly using visual references. In multiplayer, it helps maintain separation from other aircraft, especially in busy airspaces.

Etiquette and Guidelines:
Always remember that behind every plane is a real person. Show respect, maintain airspace discipline, and communicate clearly. Be cautious not to disrupt organized events or fly recklessly.

I hope this gives you a comprehensive insight into the multiplayer realm of MSFS 2020. The skies are vast, and the experiences are richer when shared. Enjoy your flights, and maybe our paths will cross in the virtual skies!

P.S. While the focus here is on MSFS 2020, many of these guidelines can also apply to platforms like X-Plane 12, given the similarities in how these modern simulators are designed. Safe flying!

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how do i get started

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