Enhancing X-Plane 12 for Australian VFR Training: Scenery, Aircraft, VATSIM, and Dual Monitor Support

Alan Mallows Guest

My question is really four questions:

  1. Is there a source of Australian VFR scenery that's better than the photoreal one currently available, which is quite dated and not very accurate?
  2. Are there any better add-on RA planes like Jabirus, Tecnams, and Slings that are more realistic, support more views, and operate more like the real thing?
  3. Is there a better VATSIM/ATC client that will work in MACOS?
  4. Is there an add-on that makes Xplane work better across two monitors?

My attempts at using Xplane for rehearsing my VFR navs have been pretty useless, and a better solution is necessary.


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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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Hello Alan,

I understand you're looking for ways to enhance your X-Plane 12 experience, specifically for Australian VFR navigation training. Let's tackle your queries one by one.

1. Australian VFR Scenery Enhancement
For Australian VFR scenery, the key is to find an add-on that balances realism with performance. While the current photorealistic scenery might be dated, there are a couple of options:

  • Explore freeware scenery communities. Often, dedicated simmers create updated scenery packs. These can be surprisingly detailed and accurate.
  • Consider payware options from reputable developers. They often offer more updated and high-resolution scenery.

Remember, scenery add-ons can be demanding on your system, so balance quality with your hardware capabilities.

2. Realistic RA Aircraft Add-Ons[/b]
Finding realistic RA aircraft like Jabirus, Tecnams, and Slings involves a bit of research:

  • Look for developers specializing in light aircraft. They often focus on the fine details important for VFR training.
  • Check for user reviews and flight sim forums for firsthand experiences. Real pilots often share insights on the realism of these models.

The right add-on should offer comprehensive cockpit views and realistic flight dynamics.

3. VATSIM/ATC Client for MacOS
VATSIM compatibility can be tricky, especially for MacOS. You might want to check out:

  • XSquawkBox - A popular choice that integrates well with X-Plane.
  • Look for recent updates to ensure compatibility with the latest MacOS versions.

VATSIM's community forums can be a great resource for the latest software recommendations.

4. Dual Monitor Support in X-Plane 12
For dual monitor setups, X-Plane 12 does offer native support, but it can be a bit finicky. Here's what you can do:

  • Ensure your graphics card drivers are up to date.
  • Adjust the X-Plane settings to recognize and optimize the display across two monitors.

Sometimes, third-party add-ons are available that offer more flexibility in setting up multiple monitors.

In conclusion, while there are no perfect solutions, exploring these avenues can significantly enhance your X-Plane 12 experience, especially for VFR training in the Australian context. Remember, the flight sim community is always a great resource, and often, the best solutions come from fellow simmers.

Best of luck with your VFR navigation training!

Alan Mallows Guest


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