Challenges with Ailerons and Elevator Control in MS2020 Using Saitek X55 Stick and Dual Throttle

johannes de jong Guest

I have the MS2020 from the beginning of the sale and have the Saitek X55 stick and dual throttle, and Thrustmaster pendular rudder.

The rudder and brakes are working, and the throttles are also working, but the ailerons and elevator move a little bit and stay neutral. I have P3Dv5 there Everything is working perfectly and at Xplane 12 also no problem, it holds me back from using the system, Can somebody give me good advice?

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Your issue resonates with several flight sim enthusiasts who transition between different platforms. It sounds like you have an underlying calibration or configuration issue specifically within the MS2020 environment. Let me help guide you through some potential solutions:

1. Calibration within Windows:
First, make sure you've correctly calibrated your Saitek X55 and Thrustmaster pendular rudder within Windows. You can access this from:
Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > Right click your device > Game controller settings > Properties > Calibration.

2. Check In-Simulator Bindings:
Open MS2020, navigate to the Options, and then Controls. Ensure that:

  • The Saitek X55 stick is recognized correctly.
  • The ailerons and elevator axes are mapped correctly. Sometimes simulators can misidentify axes.
  • There are no conflicting control assignments. This often happens when one binds controls across different devices.

3. Saitek Software:
If you're using Saitek’s software, try configuring your stick there. Remember, sometimes, the in-built software can interfere with the in-simulator settings.

4. Test in Other Simulators:
As you've mentioned, your hardware works flawlessly in P3Dv5 and Xplane 12. This reinforces the notion that the issue is specific to MS2020. Still, always re-check in these sims to ensure no sudden changes or updates have caused conflicts.

5. Update Drivers:
Visit the manufacturer's official website and ensure you're using the latest drivers for your devices. Although you might face no issues in other platforms, MS2020 might be more sensitive to older driver versions.

6. User Profiles:
A corrupted user profile within MS2020 can sometimes cause unexpected issues. Try creating a new profile and setting up the controls afresh. This can often bypass any underlying glitches.

Closing Thoughts:
If after trying the above steps, you still face challenges, please provide more details. For instance, does the issue persist across all aircraft in MS2020? Are there specific scenarios or environments where the problem exacerbates? The more information you can provide, the better equipped the community will be to assist you.

Remember, flight simming is as much about problem-solving as it is about flying. So hang in there, and let's get you airborne in MS2020!

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