Anticipated Release of Replay Mode for MSFS2020 on Xbox Series S?

Charles Sherwood Guest

Hi there, I am really missing the replay mode for msfs2020, I have the Xbox S series.
Any news on when we may have access to a replay tool? Thanks.

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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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Hey Charles,

Firstly, it's entirely understandable why the replay mode is such an anticipated feature for many in the community, especially with a title as visually stunning as Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020). Getting those perfect cinematic shots or analyzing a landing from different angles is something many of us desire.

From my knowledge:

  • Replay Mode's Development Status: As of now, the development team of MSFS2020 hasn't provided an exact timeline for the release of the replay mode on the Xbox Series S platform. It's quite common for feature updates and additional tools to get rolled out in stages, depending on platform intricacies and performance considerations.
  • Cross-Platform Considerations: While MSFS2020 was released for both PC and Xbox, there are some features initially available on one platform that eventually find their way to the other. The optimization required for Xbox might be the reason for this slight delay.
  • Community Feedback: One thing about the MSFS2020 team is they're quite responsive to community feedback. Ensure you're active in sharing your thoughts and feature requests on the official forum or feedback portal. The more they realize how many are eager for this, the quicker we might see it materialize.
  • Alternative Methods: Until the official tool rolls out, some third-party developers have explored creating replay tools, especially for the PC version. However, the locked nature of the Xbox might make this a challenge for the console variant.
  • Keeping Updated: To ensure you don't miss out when this feature is released, consider subscribing to the official MSFS2020 blog, which frequently updates with news, patch notes, and more. They often give insight into what's on the horizon.

In conclusion, while it's not ideal to wait, it's heartening to see Asobo Studio's commitment to continuous improvement. They've shown a dedication to listening to the community and implementing much-desired features. Once they provide more specifics or if you need more detailed information on this topic, I'll be more than happy to dive deeper and assist further.

Safe flights and clear skies!
Ian Stephens.

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