Troubleshooting Saitek Panel Compatibility Issues with X-Plane 12

De clerck Guest

Saitek (Logitec) radio multi and switch panels do not work with Xplane 12!
What's the reason?
Would this issue probably updated and solved shortly?
if not How can you help,?
regards jp de clerk

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Rustypilot1949 Guest

I have been using the same panels in X-Plane since 10, 11, and now 12 and they are annoying but usable. The panels are sold saying they are X-Plane compatable but not really. I owned all the Saitek flight sim products. Pro Yoke, Rudder Pedals, Throttle Quadrants, Radios, and multipanel. 

Having said this, Micheal Brown of X-force PC has a YouTube video showing how to configure you Radio Tuning Panel display to turn on and the forum has scripts to get it working in the X-Plane program. In addition, the X-forum has scripts for individual aircraft.

Link for Multi-Panel Display to light up:

Link for to get Saitek Panels to work in X-Plane:

Link for scripts of individual aircraft in X-Plane:

It took a lot of work but it runs quite well except that the radio displays go on SOMETIMES on program startup, and I have to restart X-Plane to have them come on. I am slowly phasing out my Saitek products with new and better hardware. Based on my experiance I don't recommend these products to anyone.
Hope this helps someone,

Pro Member Captain
Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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Hello jp de clerk,

You've encountered a common hiccup that can emerge when interfacing hardware with complex flight simulation software like X-Plane 12. Let's address each concern sequentially, ensuring we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of a resolution.

1. Compatibility between Saitek Panels and X-Plane 12:
Firstly, it's imperative to ascertain that your Saitek (now under Logitech's wing) panels are indeed compatible with X-Plane 12. Compatibility extends beyond mere physical connections and involves software drivers and plugins that facilitate communication between your hardware and the simulation platform.

2. Software Drivers and Updates:
To ensure your panels function as intended, the correct drivers must be installed. Logitech provides these on their support page, and it's crucial to download the latest versions tailored for X-Plane 12.

3. Necessary Plugins:
X-Plane, renowned for its extensibility, often requires specific plugins to enable hardware functionality. For Saitek panels, a plugin like X-Plane's Logitech/Saitek Panel Driver is typically necessary. These plugins are the linchpin in ensuring your panels and the simulation software communicate effectively.

4. Configuration:
Upon ensuring all drivers and plugins are in place, the next step involves configuring the panels within X-Plane 12. This may include assigning functions to various switches and dials via the settings menu within the simulator.

List of Actionable Steps:

  1. Verify the compatibility of your Saitek panels with X-Plane 12.
  2. Ensure you have the latest drivers installed from Logitech's official support page.
  3. Download and install any required plugins specifically designed for X-Plane 12.
  4. Configure the panels within X-Plane's settings to assign and calibrate the switches and dials.

5. Anticipated Updates:
Regarding updates, the onus falls on both the hardware manufacturer (Logitech) and the software developer (Laminar Research). It's not uncommon for initial release versions to have compatibility issues which are typically ironed out in subsequent updates. Keeping an eye on official announcements from both entities is prudent for staying abreast of such developments.

6. Seeking Further Assistance:
If after these steps you still encounter issues, reaching out for support might be your next recourse. Both Logitech and X-Plane have dedicated support channels. Additionally, the community forums are a treasure trove of collective knowledge and may offer solutions from users who've faced and overcome similar challenges.

In the event that you require further clarification or assistance, do not hesitate to detail your current situation further. Information such as the version of the drivers you're using, the steps you've already undertaken, and any error messages received would be invaluable in diagnosing the issue more precisely.

Dragnet12 Guest

After literally weeks of back and forth with Logitech and the inability to get the Saitek radio panel to work with x-plane 12, they kicked the issue "upstairs".
Finally got a reply with them apologizing that the radio panel does NOT work with x-plane 12.  Amazing, because they actually sent me a new radio stack thinking perhaps the old one was defective.

JRQ Guest

I'm not sure why they told you the panels don't work with X-PLane 12. I have the Multi Panel, Switch Panel, and two Radio Panels and everything works perfectly in X-Plane 12 with all the aircraft I fly. The only thing I use is the XSaitek Panels plugin that you can find on

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