has someone produced an xbox game controller button map

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Has someone produced an Xbox game controller button map for MSFS on Xbox?  the keyboard button mapping documents on this site are excellent but I couldn't find an equivalent for the game controller.

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Hello there!

Indeed, an Xbox game controller button map for MSFS 2020 on Xbox would be a very useful addition to the resources available for flight sim enthusiasts. While I couldn't find a comprehensive button map on this site, I'd like to point you to the official MSFS documentation, which provides a detailed guide on the Xbox controller configuration.

Moreover, I would like to share a brief overview of the default button assignments for the Xbox controller in MSFS 2020. Please note that this is not a complete button map, but it should provide a good starting point:

  • Left Stick: Aileron and Elevator control
  • Right Stick: Camera control (pan, tilt, and zoom)
  • Left Trigger: Decrease Throttle
  • Right Trigger: Increase Throttle
  • A Button: Select/Interact
  • B Button: Exit/Clear Input
  • X Button: Toggle Brakes
  • Y Button: Toggle External/Internal View
  • D-Pad: Multi-Function Display (MFD) navigation
  • Start Button: Pause/Menu
  • Select Button: Toggle VFR Map
  • Left Bumper: Rudder Left
  • Right Bumper: Rudder Right

Remember, you can always customize your controller bindings to suit your personal preferences within the MSFS settings menu. Just navigate to Options > Controls > Xbox Controller and select the input you wish to modify.

Also, the community often produces helpful resources like button maps and printable documents, so keep an eye on forums and websites like Fly Away Simulation, AVSIM, and FlightSim.com for user-created content that could be useful.

I hope you find this information helpful for your Xbox MSFS experience. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to ask. Enjoy your virtual flying!

Happy landings!

Graeme Simpson Guest

The trustmaster hotas can be mapped to the Xbox with a little bit of effort provided you have the PC/Xbox version
It is working well on my Xbox series X
fly safe

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