Reinstalling 3rd Party Aircraft and Fixing Lnav Issues After Transferring MSFS2020

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I recently transferred MSFS2020 from my C-drive to my new D-drive, how do I reinstall my 3rd party aircraft and how do I get my Lnav on my autopilot working again, which currently is not working, on my commercial jets???

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Hey there,

It sounds like you've made quite a move with MSFS2020, and I can definitely relate to the challenges that can arise after such transfers. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get everything back in order.

1. Reinstalling 3rd Party Aircraft:
Ensure you've backed up all aircraft files. If not, redownload them from the respective vendors or platforms where you initially got them.

  • Navigate to the MSFS2020 directory on your D-drive.
  • Locate the Community folder within the main directory.
  • Simply drag and drop or copy/paste the aircraft folders into this Community folder.

This should allow the simulator to recognize and load them the next time you start the game.

2. Fixing Lnav on Autopilot:
There can be multiple reasons for Lnav issues, but let's tackle the most common ones:

  • Ensure that your flight plan is correctly set up in the in-game flight computer.
  • Check if there have been updates to the game or to your aircraft. Sometimes, an update can tweak settings or configurations.
  • Review your keybind settings in MSFS2020. It's possible that some commands might have changed or reset during the transfer.

If none of these resolve the issue, it might be beneficial to look into specific forums or support channels dedicated to your particular aircraft model.

3. General Tips:

  • Always make sure you're running the latest drivers for your hardware, especially your graphics card and flight controllers. This ensures compatibility and optimal performance.
  • Consider doing a repair of the MSFS2020 installation. Sometimes, files might become corrupt or certain configurations might have been lost during the transfer. A repair might just set everything right.

From my knowledge, these steps should help you get everything back in order. If you're still encountering issues or need further clarification on a particular step, do let me know. It would also help if you could specify the aircraft models and any other relevant details for more tailored advice.

Fly safe and happy landings!

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