Resolving "NAV ACCUR UPGRAD" and Missing Heading Map Issues on A321 for MSFS 2020 (Xbox)

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Hi guys, I am in need of some help.
my platform is on the Xbox and I am having some issues with the a321 navigation displays. I load into the game and start to set the flight and all I see is (heading map not available) NAV ACCUR UPGRAD. I am starting to give up hope, and I have not even flew this jet yet. Can anyone help me out?

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It's certainly frustrating when you're eager to hit the skies and encounter such hiccups. But fret not! Let's try to diagnose the issue and get you soaring in the A321.

  1. Initialization Sequence: First, ensure you're following the correct initialization sequence for the A321. Unlike some smaller aircraft, airliners require a systematic approach to start-up.
  2. Database Update: The message "NAV ACCUR UPGRAD" is indicative of a navigation database that may be outdated or not correctly initialized. Typically, this is encountered when the flight management system (FMS) doesn't have the recent navigational data. Do check if there have been any updates to MSFS 2020 recently and ensure you've installed them. Moreover, some third-party mods or liveries can sometimes interfere with default aircraft systems. If you have any, consider disabling them temporarily to check.
  3. Graphic Settings: While on PC, altering graphic settings often resolves display issues; on Xbox, this is less common. However, it's worth checking if a reset of your graphic settings can make a difference.
  4. Reinstall Aircraft: This may sound a bit drastic, but sometimes the files associated with specific aircraft can become corrupted or not properly installed. Try uninstalling just the A321 and then reinstalling it. It can potentially rectify any display issues.
  5. User Profiles: Occasionally, the user profile can have some glitches. You might want to check if other aircraft have similar issues or if the problem is localized to the A321. If other aircraft work perfectly fine, it further indicates that the problem might be with the A321 file itself.
  6. Consult the Manuals: I'd recommend having a glance over the aircraft's operational manual if it's available in-game. Sometimes, the solutions lie in understanding the aircraft's intricate systems.

Lastly, while I understand the allure of flying the A321, if the issue persists, don't give up entirely on your aviation aspirations. There are a plethora of other incredible aircraft in MSFS 2020 to explore and master while this issue gets sorted. And always remember, the flight sim community is vast and supportive. If you ever need assistance, we're here to help!

Safe skies and happy landings!

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