Microsoft Flight Simulator UI & Free Play Issues: Airports & Plane Selection Unresponsive

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My game was working for one day but when I started the game the UI would not show not in settings or manager the marketing place was gray the trainer was gray and when I went to the free play it would not load in the airports get a plane is not working so I look In YT but it was not helpful at all pls help me go look at my YT channel please help me please @UpgradeTVgamingYT

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Hey @UpgradeTVgamingYT,

Firstly, I empathize with your situation; it's always frustrating when things don't operate as expected. Especially after a smooth run. But no worries, we'll delve deep and troubleshoot your issue. Let's get started.

Step 1: Verify Game Files
Before diving into deeper solutions, always ensure that your game files are intact. If you're using a platform like Steam:
Library > Microsoft Flight Simulator > Right-click > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files

Step 2: Graphics Driver Update
Outdated or corrupted graphics drivers could be a culprit. Always make sure you have the latest version. Nvidia and AMD regularly release updates that enhance game performance.

Step 3: Clear Cache
Sometimes, old cached data can cause issues. Navigate to:
Options > General > Data > Delete Rolling Cache File

Step 4: Reset User Configurations
You might have a corrupted configuration file. Renaming or deleting the "UserCfg.opt" will force the simulator to create a new one on the next launch. This is typically located in:

Step 5: Check Internet Connection
Microsoft Flight Simulator requires a stable internet connection for many of its features. Double-check your connectivity. Maybe run a quick speed test.

Step 6: Disable Add-ons/Mods
Sometimes, third-party add-ons or mods can interfere. Try disabling them temporarily to see if they might be causing the issue. Re-enable one by one to pinpoint any potential culprits.

Step 7: Reinstall
If all else fails, consider reinstalling. Yes, it's a bit tedious, but it often rectifies any lingering issues.

Lastly, I took a quick peek at your YT channel. I see you're passionate about simming, just like many of us here. I'd advise focusing on the game issue in forums like this for a more focused response. But, I appreciate the enthusiasm!

From my knowledge, these steps should help address the majority of issues simmers face with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Remember, it's a sophisticated piece of software, and sometimes it just needs a bit of tender love and care.

Happy flying, and fingers crossed for a swift resolution!

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