Resolving Navigation Aid Disappearance in Mid-Flight Save Scenarios in MSFS 2020

John Klee Guest

How do I get my navigation aid back when I reload a flight that I saved, mid-flight, earlier?  When I load the flight, the VOR "guiding line" no longer appears within the compass "rose."  I tried switching from "FMS" to "Loc!' and "Loc2" with no success. If I start a brand new flight, the navigation aid shows up just fine, but when I save that flight and come back to it, the navigation information is blank.  Any suggestions?

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John D Klee Guest

Just a clarification on my question about losing the navigation aid when reloading a flight....I am flying a Cirrus Vision Jet, so I am using that particular navigation system.

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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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Your concern about losing the navigation aid in the Cirrus Vision Jet when reloading a saved flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 is a known issue within the simulation community. I understand your frustration, especially when the VOR guiding line disappears within the compass rose, leaving you without essential navigation information. Let's delve into this and find a solution.

Understanding the Issue
The core of the problem lies in how MSFS 2020 handles saved flights. When you save and later reload a flight, the flight plan previously loaded in the navigation system may not be retained. This results in the absence of the flight plan upon reloading, affecting your navigation aids.

Here’s a brief explanation of the process:

  • You plan and start a flight; the flight plan loads into the navigation system.
  • Mid-flight, you save the current flight.
  • Upon reloading, you're correctly placed in the saved location, but the navigation system lacks the previous flight plan.

A potential workaround involves re-entering the same flight plan on the world map before using the “save/load” function. This prompts the navigation system to correctly load the planned route, restoring your navigation aids.

Specific to the Cirrus Vision Jet
In the case of the Cirrus Vision Jet, users have reported issues with the ILS (Instrument Landing System) approaches, where the LOC (Localizer) activates too early, causing premature alignment with the runway. This is observed when the APPR (Approach Mode) is armed.

Key Points to Consider:

  • The LOC feather extends beyond the FAF (Final Approach Fix).
  • The FMS (Flight Management System) automatically switches from GPS to LOC if the correct frequency is preset.
  • This behavior is expected in the G3000 avionics suite used in the Vision Jet.

Addressing the Early Activation of LOC
To address the issue of early LOC activation:

  1. Ensure the ILS frequency is correctly set.
  2. Arm the APR (Approach Mode) before the FAF.
  3. Understand that the G3000 will switch from GPS to NAV radio based on your position and the ILS feather range.

It's essential to be aware of how the real-life Garmin G3000 operates, as MSFS strives to replicate this as closely as possible. If the issue persists, providing more details like the type of approach, destination, and any transitions you're using can help in diagnosing the problem more effectively.

From my knowledge, MSFS 2020 and platforms like X-Plane 12 share similarities in how they handle navigation systems, making these insights potentially applicable across different simulators.

In conclusion, while encountering navigation aid issues can be challenging, understanding the intricacies of the simulator's navigation system and applying these workarounds can greatly enhance your simulation experience. I hope this helps resolve your issue, and happy flying!

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