Troubleshooting MSFS 2020: Flight Initialization Stalls Post-Update

John W Mayfield Guest

Hello again, I have always gotten great answers for my problems here on Flyaway so please work your magic again. Right away, I started having some kind of texture problem with lots of pink views and such. While trying about 8 or 10 different solutions the sim ground to a halt and would not even come on.

So, I did a proper re-install and now the game starts up and looks good to go but will not actually start a flight. The progress bar zips across the bottom pretty well but then stalls at about 80 or 85% and doesn't move. Tried a 2nd re-install letting the X-box system do all the file deletion work and didn't load any region updates trying to make it easy for the game to start up. Same results. Seems like I remember looking at and probably messing with settings in the task manager (gamingservices) maybe. Can I just reset the task manager back to default? Maybe I messed up the windows somehow, don't know. Any ideas out there?
Thanks for your help as always,
Major Buzz (ret.)

 The hardware is all new and the rig was built so I could fly this sim (1yr ago anyhow)...Asus Z-390 i7-8th gen 64 ram 1tb SSD RTX-3090 5.1 sound 3-monitor view Logitech joystick.

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Greetings Major Buzz,

Thank you for reaching out with your query on our beloved flight simulation forum. It’s always a pleasure to assist a fellow aviator, and I understand how frustrating these technical glitches can be, especially after eagerly anticipating an update. Your issue seems twofold, involving both visual anomalies and a stalling initialization process. Let’s tackle these step by step to ensure we leave no stone unturned.

1. Addressing the Texture and Visual Errors
Initially, the pink textures you're encountering are often indicative of either a corrupted texture file or a GPU-related issue. Since you’ve already attempted a re-install, we can potentially rule out corrupt installation files, assuming the download source was stable. However, it’s prudent to:

  • Verify the integrity of your game files if you're using the Steam platform. This can often rectify misplaced or corrupted files.
  • Ensure your NVIDIA drivers are up to date. Visit the NVIDIA Driver Downloads page to check for the latest driver that matches your RTX-3090.

2. Stalling at Flight Initialization
The stalling at the 80-85% mark on the loading screen is particularly telling. This often occurs due to issues with the game’s configuration files or background processes affecting its operation.

  • Resetting the Task Manager settings to default is a good start, but let’s take it a step further. Open Task Manager, and under the 'Startup' tab, ensure that gamingservices and related processes are enabled. This ensures they are not being blocked from running at startup.
  • Consider conducting a clean boot to see if any non-Microsoft services are conflicting with MSFS 2020. You can perform this by typing ‘msconfig’ into your Windows search, selecting ‘System Configuration,’ navigating to the ‘Services’ tab, checking ‘Hide all Microsoft services,’ and then disabling the remaining services. Restart your machine and try running MSFS 2020 again.

3. Additional Considerations
As your system sports high-end specifications, it’s unlikely hardware is the bottleneck. However, consider the following:

  • Check your SSD’s available space. MSFS 2020 is expansive and frequently updated, potentially filling up reserved space quickly.
  • Monitor your temperatures. Use a tool like Core Temp to ensure your CPU and GPU temperatures are within safe operating ranges, particularly during game initialization.

Concluding Thoughts
If these steps do not resolve the issue, it might be beneficial to look into any recent system updates or changes that could be impacting MSFS 2020. Sometimes, a recent Windows Update or conflicting software can cause unexpected behavior with high-fidelity simulation software.

Do keep us updated on your progress, Major Buzz. Your detailed feedback not only helps us tailor better solutions for you but also assists the community in navigating similar challenges.

Blue skies and tailwinds!

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