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hi everyone, radarman
i am refering to my old post about ultimate traffic. what is an AFCAD? and i notice my AFCAD button is dissabled. next question does the UT schedule flights for certain airports(one by one) or is it done alltogethe? happy flying

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An AFCAD is the layout of the airport, and I don't know what you mean it's grayed out.
The take off and landing schedule of "UT" is the actual schedule of the airlines.
Occasionally they will release ($) a new schedule download for a new season.
To use that you would have to be flying a very tight flight of your own.


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The AFCAD button in UT can only be used with FS2002 and not FS2004 I believe

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Afcad or Afcad2 for fs9 is a very usefull tool.
If UT does not ship with it get it here ➡

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