Is this game available in the UK?

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Hello, i live in England is this game available here? If so which game shops?

Thanks 😀

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Alan Critcher Guest

Hi,Yes Lock On can be found at Amazon or Just Flight at least. I just bought it but it doesn`t seem to work. I am informed that it might not work on 98 or ME.
Good luck

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Andrenaa First Officer

And look at that i have Windows 98 Crying or Very sad 😀 Oh well there's always Combat Flight Simulator Idea

timemechanic Guest

Isn't running Windows 98 on a system capable of running Lock On:Modern Air Combat a bit like trying to run a ferrari on coal?

Or maybe you are just fans of antique operating systems?

If your box came with windows98 installed, forget it because it's too old and slow anyway.

🙄 Guest

I myself bought this game about a week ago in "Game" located in harlow

They had two copies at my visit, one of which i purchased. There is another company out there called "computermate" from whom i regularly used to order from who also probably stock it.

Also try the following

or even ebay!



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