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I'm new to flight simulators and flying games and I was wondering if any one knows any game that allows 2, 3 or more players to take control over one plane.

For example. I was reading about add on content for Wings of Pray (Wings of Luftwaffe Add-on). And it says: Cooperative mode for up to four players. And I was lokking through some pictures from this addon and came across this plane:

And that's exactly what I'm looking for. A game that would allow 4 players to each take control in a plane like this. Now I can't found out if Wings of Luftwaffe supports this kind of game play or is it just 4 player in 4 planes playing together

So this is where I would need your help guys. I would really appreciate it if some one would help me get some info on Wings of Luftwaffe or help me find any other flight game (WW2, or new planes) that would support (2.3 or 4 players in one plane) mode.

Thanks for your answers and sorry for my English.

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Concorde105saccountbroke Guest

FSX supports this; when playing online, you can share planes with other players. I don't know of any other flight sims that support this, much less WW2 flight sims.

Also, sorry for your English? Your grammar and spelling are a lot better than most people on the Internet! We all appreciate it.

nuNce Guest

Il-2 sturmovik will do the trick!

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