3D glasses

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do they work??
Do you have them??
do you recommend them??

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

Yes they work. Yes I have them. And now: They not working with some tipe of monitors so be careful.
Second because the way they works U have some flickering on your view so if u looking side way to your key board your site view is a little “dark “ . It is quit amazing but after a few ours U R getting tired and giving up. It is much more exiting for combat FS

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I believe they don't work of plasma screens, i.e. flat screens.

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I have 3D glasses.

they are okay but need to be improved muchly for Flight sims... If you have addon scenery the buildings are not in correct perspective, both lights on the aircraft and landing lights are realy bad - i can't make an approach using the 3D, unless it's a grass strip with no lights and forget night flying! (I may be doing something wrong) documetation is next to none. I think they are relying on your graphic driver's documentation? That's what it works off of!

I highly recommend the Trackir 3 pro 6way (that's not the official name).

(you'll need the TrackIR 3 Pro Head Tracker and Vecotr 6 DOF etc....)
this lets your head do the moving of your view in VC (Only). Makes all the differents in the world. Now it has 6 way tracking left, right, up, down, in, and out. With this and much improved 3d glasses it (will be) as real as it gets. of course it spoiles you in that I only fly planes with VCs..... 😕

Adjusting the 3D is a chore in it's self, and some times it only makes matters worse.

It's very good with racings sims like the new EA Nascar (not out yet but i got the demo and 3D work good in there)


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