I have a few questions about one of the commercial lessons

lst off, F2 and F3 increases engine and manifold in this case, and ctrl shift v and c open and closes cowl flaps, but is there a command to increase and decrease the engine rpm. Im new with it and its really really hard to fool around with the RPM using a mouse.

2ndaly it asks me to open my GPS and plot a direct course to brempton. What is the ID for brempton (ex. atlanta = KATL), and how do i plot a direct course using the GPS?

Thank you

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F2 and F3 should be the actual throttles, and those will increase and decrease engine RPM.

Just like in a car, when you press the gas, the RPM goes up./

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

Whenever I make a flight I always use the flight planner. In your case you would select "Direct GPS" and then "VFR (Visual Flight Rules)

Good luck!

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I think you can change RPM by pressing either Ctrl+F3 increase slightly or Ctrl+F2 decrease. If it is not Ctrl then its Shift. FEM I know what you are thinking but that will be in fixed pitch props question appears to be for constant speed as MP is referred to.

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