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Is there any way to get an aircraft in FSX to follow a flight plan after take off without having to go to the instrument panel to switch the NAV/GPS to GPS.

I ask this because I want to be able to record flights from take off to landing in a spot plane view without the video being spoilt by the appearance of the instrument panel.

Setting the NAV/GPS to GPS before take off only results in the aircraft veering off the runway in an attempt to follow the flight plan the moment it starts moving.

Even if I struggle to keep it on the runway, the moment the aircrafts wheels leave the ground, it banks over sharply to follow the flight plan and its wing tip hits the ground.

The strange thing is that I do not have this problem with FS2004. In that sim I can go to the instrument panel to switch the NAV/GPS to GPS and it does not show it on the video.

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Maybe in Controls, keymap a keyboard key to switch between modes? If it exists?

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No there is no key assigment for the NAV/GPS. As for switching between modes, I can only presume you mean switching from spot plane view to instrument panel. That I can already do but what I am trying to avoid doing.
What I need to do is find another way to either toggle the NAV/GPS switch or get the aircraft to follow the flight plan.

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