737ng AutoPilot ??

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Michael_H First Officer

I'm not sure if I'm using it wrong or what, but I've tried 'APP' with a couple of different airports and usually I find that I will be brought down anywhere from 40 ft. to a couple of hundred feet off the runway centerline.

I have to disingage the auto pilot while I'm still a mile or so out so I have time to get myself lined up.

I just tried it a while ago with KLAX just to be sure.

ATC vectored me around to approach from the west to runway 7R..
I entered the ILS frequency for 7R (109.9) in both NAV radios..

Captured the localizer and then entered the runway heading for 7R (069)
in the heading selector. I hit heading select.
(I'm wondering if this is where I went wrong)

At 1800 ft. and about 12 miles out I hit the 'APP' button.
When the glideslope became active the auto pilot started a smooth decent holding nicely to the glideslope.
I disengaged the auto throttle and managed the throttle myself.

It looked like I was headed dead straight onto Runway 7R untill I got within a couple of miles of TD and I could see that if I continued with the AP I would touch down 40 or 50 ft. to the left of the runway centerline.

If anyone notices anything there that would help me figure this out, I would appreciate it.

This was entirely an Auto pilot approach, nothing entered into the FMC.

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Byron Guest

Have you followed the landing all the way to touch down? A mile out the localizer might still be adjusting to the glide path. It's worth a try to see what happens. 🙄

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PH First Officer

Try putting the correct course in the "Course selector". Are you only having trouble with this ac ie can you do it correctly with the default 737? From what I have read it is not an aircraft you can just jump into and fly.

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jimimac Trainee

once you capture the localizer just hit the app button not the heading selector also the runway heading should be entered into the course selector


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Michael_H First Officer

Thanks Guys,


yes, this problem only happens with the PMDG 737, which has a much different AP than the default aircraft. I've only had it for a couple of weeks but no problem flying it or using the auto pilot..I think I'm doing something wrong on the approach setup.

I'll try it that way.

no it's far enough off that it's obviously not going to recover. It's as if the runway heading is wrongly entered, but it's not.

gazpode_l@yahoo.com Guest

I have been reading the comms between you and others regarding using the autopilot to land a Next generation boeing 737.

My question is about the standard aircraft and how to use the autopilot to land the aircraft, or is this something that is explained in the index sections within the help screens or lessons?

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Michael_H First Officer

This was covered nicely by Fire Emblem Master quoted below:


1. When ATC says something liek "WifeBeater 767, you are 32 Miles away. Turn right heading 105, descend and mantain 2,500 feet, cleared ILS runway 36R Approach". You have to click on your MAP icon in your cockipt. Then, move your mouse over the destination airport. Mind you, the airport MUST have the ILS feathers (thes are the green things that point to the runway). Double click on the airport. A list will show up. Scroll down the list untill you see a chart that shows Runway numbers. FInd 36R, or whatever your runway is. You look to the right and see a radio frequency. We'll use 100.100 because its easy to remember. Don't forget the frequency.

2. Open up your Radio Stack, and enter in 100.100 in the NAV1 Radio, usually the righmost radio number is the one that can be messed with. After you enter it 100.100, using the mouse wheel or clickin it. Press the button that looks like thsi somewhat, its in the middle of the 2 radio displays <-----> That changes the NAV1 Radio frequency from whatever it was, to what it is now (100.100)

3.Turn on the NAV1 Radio by clicking the switch at the bottom of the radio stack, unless its already on, like with the LearJet.

4. If you have Autopilot, and you are using GPS to follow waypoints, switch the NAV/GPS button back to NAV!!!! YOU CANT FORGET TO DO THAT!!! YOU'LL BURN AND DIE IF YOU DONT!!

5. Follow ATC directions to approach. Now, when you approach the Runway, you will see the pink arrows near your attitude indicator move...usually Heading first, then Altitude. Simply fly in the directon and atitude of the pink arrows intull they center themselves, that means you're on the glideslope!

6. If you wanna use the autopilot to fly the approach, simply follow steps 1-4, then click the APPR button on the autopilot panel."

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Martin (Blake14) First Officer

I was wondering if real pilots use the auto landing, or if they did it themselves. In my opinion, the computer could do bqd things and put the passengers in danger.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Most pilots will take over from the autopilot a couple of miles out

gazpode_l@yahoo.com Guest

When the weather has closed in, what I do is to use flight rules IFR and now that I know how to use the autoland feature, I enable It to automatically land the plane. the bit i still need practice on is the final touchdown as the autoland v2 that i use disengages around 300ft, and the last two landings have been very heavy...

basically what i am saying is that i think pilots use autoland for bad weather. and manually land it in good weather..


hey there, this is SO AWESOME that you guys are like, actual captains!!

Jacob Hoggard ROCKS!!!

paco1 Guest

i have a question on how to land the 737ng like where is the flight sim 2004 map button ? i have read that it is somewhere in the cokpit and does anyone else have any problem keeping the 737 on the taxiway because my 737 tends to veer of the yellow lines constantly?

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I don't think the PMDG737 has the Map button on the panel. Go to World and then Map in the sub-menu.

As for veering off the taxi way...try taxiing at a slower speed i.e. 15-20kts groundspeed and use differential brakes to make small corrections. Only use small amounts of rudder to stop over-correction 😉

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Zach (ranald) Captain

Were you attempting an autoland? if so you have to make sure both autopilots are armed (A and B) just activate autopilot B before you intercept the Glideslope.The autopilot was still probaly trying to cerrect the localizer a few miles out just leave it a let it do its thing. The PMDG 737ng is a great addon and its worth learning how to use the FMC I spent ages on that 😂

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