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Question: I purchased FS Enhancer to use with FS9. I intalled it without a hitch but it crashes whenever I attempt to insert an item. In addition, I can not access the scenery library through FS9 on the menu because it is grayed out. Any suggestions? I've wondered if I'm supposed to move the FS Enhancer files in the Common folder to their respective folders in Flight Simulator. I'd appreciate any feedback from folks who have had success with this program.



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I know very little about this program but have found this about it.though this is for fs2002(about 1/2 way down under installation) ➡

Ive tried the main Lago site and it seems to be down Crying or Very sad

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I actually purchased the software after reading that review. The installation went without a hitch, but the reviewer overstates the usefulness of the installation section of the instructions. It also lacks a troubleshooter section that would be very useful in my instance. I will be patient and wait for their site to come back up, if it in fact does.


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