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ive downloaded microsoft flight simulator 2004 and mounted the files onto cd's using alcohol 120%. it installs ok but when i go to start it up it says please insert disk 4. disk 4 is in already when it says this. please can someone help.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Either use this or use the no-cd crack.

If neither works reinstall the sim.


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blazer48 Trainee

🙂 Mine did also ...I went to hardware profile...changed drive mode to PIO and it works fine with disk-4.

Guest Ed Guest

Of course, what you've just done is software piracy. You stole that software, and you're using an illegal software crack to make it work.

And you just announced it on a public web site. Feeling proud of yourself?


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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Ed, I'm sorry to say, but people are just getting dumber and dumber.

Just the other day, on another forum that i visit

Direct Quote-"Hey guyz, i know it says don't ask for links to romz, but i can find any Fire Emblem 4 romz, can you tell me where to get one?"

Note: A ROM is used by an emulator that you download to your PC to emulate *duh* games. I.E. You can find the old NES zelda and mario roms, download them, and a emulator to play them, and you've got old school zelda and super mario brothers on the PC.

That is software piracy as well, so don't be stupid and do it 😎

gazpode_l Guest

I say, ya couldn't send me some of the files from the autogen folder coud ya? that's what my sim seems to be missinng, as well as any scenery files for europe?


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