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I have a320 and a340 of PSS.The problem is when I´m climbing to FL100 with MCDU, and AP1, the VS oh the plane is 3500 f/m.I know the real VS is 2500 f/m.This happened with a340, and a320 of PSS.
Above FL100 the speed incresed and the plane climb with 2500 p/m of VS.
Someone knows why this happened with VS climbing to FL100?
Thanks good landings

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What is happening here is completely correct !

When you switch on the AutoPilot, it enters "Open Climb" mode which means that the climb rate is managed to maintain a certain speed.

(This isn't unique to Airbus, a lot of planes have a "Speed" Climb mode, whereby the AutoPilot adjusts the rate of climb to maintain a certain speed).

Below 10,000 feet the Autopilot is managing the climb to maintain 250kts, so the plane is able to climb at a faster rate (approx 3500 VS), above 10,000 feet the AutoPilot commands the plane to now accelerate to around 299 IAS (depends on Cost Index setting).... so the Vertical Speed adjusts to a lower climb rate (around 2500 VS) to allow the Aircrafts speed to increase.

Climbing and descending in an Airliner is all about the balance and relationship between Airspeed and Vertical speed, and in this case the Airbus is managing optimum climb rates that relate to the speed constraint (250kts) that exists below 10,000.

Hope this explains.

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Rgr, but in the real life, the a320 climb with mode Open Climb and with this Vertical Speeds?
Thanks good landings

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I am sure those who visit regularly will be sick of me adding this but here it is. Climb is by airspeed not VS. So in real life VS will depend on optimum climb speed which in most cases is limited to the 250/10k rule unless of course ATC allow for unrestricted speed.

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