Captain Sim's "Legendary 727" in FS2002

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I downloaded Captain Sim's "Legendary 727" yesterday, and have spent the past 32 hours trying to make it work with FS2002.

To my amazement, the program has no instructions regarding how to load it... so I've tried everything I can think of... moving the folders into all of the logical places (and some that aren't so logical), etc. etc. Nothing works.

I bought and DL'd Flight Jack, and that helped - I saw the 727-100 in AA livery, and even caught a glimpse of the cockpit... but all the gauges were empty.

In the past 32 hours, I've re-loaded FS2002 six times, L727 prolly 12 times, all to no avail.

I'm at my wit's end with this. Can anyone help, and explain how exactly this package is supposed to load and run?

Thanks! 🙂

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I don't have that and they don't seem to have a forum.

Write to them here. Good luck to you!


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Fredericia01 First Officer

😕 If you have bought the " Legal version",then you don´t have to move any folders,it´s self installing 😀

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Fredericia01 First Officer

Twisted Evil My guess is that you have downloaded from a P2P page,and that stuff doesn´t work,for any CS product,you need the original exe. file plus your order number,and it´s verified through CS´s own servers 😂

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