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tomthetank Chief Captain

I know a few of you out there like to fly military aircraft,and finding good ones for fs9 is quite hard,untill now Arrow

And a repaint site with links to the aircraft Arrow

( A very good police repaint and link to a the Squirrel helo,which every now and then flies very low over my house at all hours of the day and night Evil or Very Mad )

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

Very Happy I love the ones on the second link.

Andy Nott Guest

Hi guys, thanks for looking at my site, ( and my mates at AVA Cool I've just been updating with some more reliable download links tonite.

happy landings, and I'll have to have a look round here more often, see if I might join.

Andy Nott

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sonicninja First Officer

ive got all these downloads and they are fantastic, great work Cheers!

Andy Nott Guest


Four new ones just gone on, only one mil though, an F16 that a guy in America requested me to do.

Not too keen on this paying for membership idea, catch me on other forums as "Igorski"

Andy, out

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