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does anyone know if World Airports 2 is good? (flight1)

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

I just recently invested in World Airports 2 myself and I certainly would give this a great rating. I don't necessarily use all the airports that they include (i.e. the ones in england and a few US ones), but for my regular airports i've seen GREAT improvements.

ORD and IAD (my regulars) recieved HUGE face lifts, and now I fly those routs nearly 3 or 4 times as much as I ever did before! You obviously trade in big framerates for the detail, but I definitly feel it's worth it (except in some cases. DFW is probably their most detailed expansion, but as a result my frames get cut down by nearly 25 fps down to 3/4 fps when coming into the area. I'm actually considering uninstalling the DFW upgrade for that reason!)

As far as the screenshots you see of the moving docks, this system is a little shaky. Because you have to render a lot for this, there are stipulations as far as when you can see the service vehicles. The external views have to be set fairly close, or you need to look from the inside. I've found that the frequency to dial to get the carts/jetway to dock with you is disabled at all non-active gates (i.e., ones with a red light above them), and don't fit most planes well. I've tried docking both default FS planes and addons, and most of the time the dock ends up going through the side of the plane. Thankfully this doesn't make you crash =). So this is actually a feature of the game I completely ignore!

The upgrades are also pretty customizable. You can choose whether or not you want the full upgrade (including surrounding scenery) or if you just want the bare minimums to spruce it up. This is nice for those of us on slower systems.

A word of caution though, for a lot of the upgrades you'll need a patch from SimFlyer's website, but they don't tell you that =). The original ORD for instance has an elevation error in it, so in otherwords when you're landing the computer is trying to render two runways, two terminals, two taxiways, (the old and the new), and your system essentially just hangs because it has to work overtime.

I hope you enjoy the buy, it's certainly worth the money!!

P.S. You can check out demo's on SimFlyer's website. They're pretty poor demo's of the actual thing, but still, it doen'st hurt to see!

Josh5 Guest

hey thanks! i had gotten World Airports 1 for FS2002 last year .. and wasn't very impressed with it... so i just wanted to make sure before i go ahead and buy 2!

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