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Any advise would be appreciated concerning the fs9 2D Cockpits.

Whilst 95% of the default fs9 aircraft display problems with the cockpit, the 737-400 is perfectly detailed and stable whereas the cessna is not.

Most cockpits flash intermitenttly whilst some display a blank rectangle replacing the guages. The scenary is also temporarily obscured by a translusent computer image. Very odd.

Despite having purchased a brand new computer I suspect i may have a graphics card problem. The spec is as follows:-

Widows XP, 240 Ghz, 520Mb ram, Activex 9.0c, SiS 661fx Display Adapter .

I have checked SiS 661fx driver updates all appear to be up to date. I have also downloaded the FS9 update and numerous utilities, cockpits from this site and re-installed fs9 without success.

I have also checked and ticked off anti-aliasing and various fs9 graphic settings.

Thanks in advance.

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