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Hello, i currently have two add ons for FS2004...the PSS Airbus A31-/320/321 and the PMDG 737NG...i am interested in another add on..., i heard wilco pub is a pretty good company but out of the three regional jet sims (ERJ145, CRJ Next Generation, CRJ 2004) which is the best???

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hi there,

You may only have PSS A320 and 737NG but as they are pretty much the best add-ons out there, you're doing well !

I have both Wilco CRJ and ERJ145.... They are both great but ERJ145 is a little more complex and has more systems simulated, so if you can handle stuff like 737NG, you'll be fine with it.

ERJ145 also seems to hand fly a little nicer than the CRJ.

If you get ERJ145, just make sure you set your "NULL ZONES" much HIGHER, as it has super mega sensitive flight controls and the AutoPilot will mal-function if you don't set much higher NULL ZONES on the Joystick sensitivities.

Tiny signals from the joystick will over-ride the AP.

Once you set this right before starting, you'll have no trouble with the ERJ145 - it's a great, modern add-on.

I do still fly the CRJ too though - it's still a great add-on, it's just that the ERJ is very similar but with a little more.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

If you're looking for some "heavy" aircraft, also with some serious complexity, try Level D's 767 that's coming out tommorow, or possibly SSW's A310 if you prefer Airbus to Boeing. The A310 has just a few bugs in it, but overall is one of the most realistic heavy aircraft I've flown for FS9.

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