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Hi folks, im in need of some help. I recently downloaded the Royal Navy Assualt Ship/Helicopter Carrier HMS Ocean, and its great, but its missing aircraft, does anyone know where I could get hold of some Lynx or Seaking AI helicopters to add for some company on the flight deck????

Or any other way of putting some helicopters on the deck, i dont mind if they are just static, so long as they are there!

Many Thanks


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Ive managed to find quite a few AI helicopters, now all i need to know is what to do with them and how to get them where I want them????

Any Help please as im stumped now 😞

many thanks

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I think the carrier would need an AFCAD. i.e. parking spots/runway and flightplans. Not sure how to go about this on a carrier. Maybe someone else.

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Have a look here:

There isan afcad for ai traffic, plus read all the posts because there are issues using an afcad on a scenery type package, but there is a workaround, you must read all the posts then you will be more clued up.

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