cant get planed to line up

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hi in fligt simulator 04 i cant get the ap to line me up with the runaway. i like to fly without a flight plan. i have stared playing flight simulator about start of this year and i still cant land at all. i just cant get the plane lined up. can some one tell me how i can get the ap to line my airplane up with the runaway, without a flight plan. thanks

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HI yyyodabish, the first thing you are going to have to do is input the airport code into the GPS, then you'll have to select which approach you want to use, then input the ILS code for that approach into the Nav1 radio, when nearing the airport activate vectors to final,when your aircraft has intercepted the localiser and is set on course to final, activate the approach and you should be lined up an begin an automated descent toward the runway! Hope this helps, but i'm sure CRJCapt will explain this much better than i can, he should be along shortly 😀 .

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flight plans have nothing to do with lining up with the runway..
if ur doing an ils approach then enter the ils frequency into your nav1 radio..
if ur flying VFR and are in a small aircraft.. then line your glare shield with the end of the runway and make your approach.. dont forget to flare.

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If you are attempting a VFR landing pick a object on the front panel that aligns your eye with the center of the aircraft. As you approach the strip think of the of the air strip as a needle with the object you picked for center as the piviot for the needle. Maneuver the controls to make the air strip ( needle ) vertical maintain the vertical and you will be linedup.

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