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Helicopter simulation hardware for FS 2004

charlie_plaza Guest

Hello there. I'm sure someone out there is reading this and can answer me this question: What hardware should I buy for the best helicopter simulation on FS2004? I'm suposing the pedals and a joystick, but then again there might be some other things i haven't heard about that should be used when trying to achieve a more realistic helicopter flight simulation. (oof im saying too much for such a simple question, i'll stop rambling)
Thanks a bunch.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Most of the specialized hardware out there runs upward to $1000 or more, usually more.
What you are proposing is probably the best solution.
I don't (should make that can't) fly them.
I thought you might like to take a look at this link.


charlie_plaza Guest

yeah thanks, i've been taking a look at that page for a few days. In fact in mainpage they recommend the hardware you should buy. Apparently there's joysticks that have the throttle control in them, and a rudder control by twisting the grip, so that would be all you need.
But if you want to keep it as real as possible than you can get a joystick, with separate throttle and also pedals for rudder control. Don't need to exceed a 200$ budget in the end.


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