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O/GRUNGE and all 737NG fans

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

This is reviewed in this month's PC Pilot magazine :-

FS2 Crew, for PMDG 737NG

This transforms the "lone" experiance of flying this marvellous plane into a totally realistic Airline experiance.

It provides everything from Load sheet people that will give you all your plane load details, Fully operational ground staff, a First Officer that is described in the review as "True AI", he interacts fully in every way and can do ANYTHING for you, including flying the plane.

He does all checklists, and because this add-on is ONLY for the NG, its perfectly suited to it.

You also get a Flight Attendant who does allsorts.

The review states that this is SOOO much more than just a bank of WAV files, it is a truly AI flight and ground crew, the review finished by saying that this totally revolutionizes the experiance for fans of the NG.

It costs $19.99 to download and is available at :-

I'll be downloading it later this week so will let you know what its like in the flesh - unless Original Grunge, you get it first ! Sounds perfect for your United VA operations !

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patw First Officer

Thanks for the info GPS-Kid, I thought my experience of the NG could not get any better, I wrong I was !



i have had fscrew installed for about six weeks and it is great,it takes a while to get use to it,i had to keep the manual beside me to keep checking on the flows etc. but once you get the hang of it and can go through all the flows , checklists without looking up the manual every 5mins its great, i never fly the 737ng without fscrew, highly recommended



just read on the fscrew forum that fscrew for the default 737{fs9} is almost ready, and a autoland for that aircraft has also been added


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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Well I went ahead and bought and WOW - this is real fun !

Patw - believe me, it is even more realistic with this - and only 12 / $19.

Only thing that would make it better would have been UK accents rather than just US..... but still FAB !

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glad you like fscrew it makes a huge difference to flying the 737ng


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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Yeah definately Jimimac - I just can't wait for them to release versions for all the other complex add-ons, especially PSS A320... But I also think FS2crew would be fab on an older plane, like the Captain Sim 727 !

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patw First Officer

Its a Very Happy for FS2crew, I made my three and a half hour flight from tenerife to Gatwick very interesting, also rather than a quiet 20 min startup procedure it was an educational one.


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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

The more you use it the better it gets.....

Last night I flew my first EVER flight sim flight, where I was PNF (Pilot Not Flying) for the whole flight....

The First Officer performed the take-off, then I engaged AP for him, then we performed a Monitored Approach landing, with him flying the Aircraft via the AP, and me monitoring and making the altitude calls!

Ok so it would get dull doing this all the time (we're in this to be flying ourselves right?), but it was amazing to try this out.

You'll see from my signature below how much I rate FS2Crew, it TRANSFORMS the sim... some people mistake it for an "ambiance program" but it's so much more than that - it teaches you the proper Checklists and flows, it's awesome and I can't wait for Brian York to develop versions for other Aircrafts.

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Looks like something I'll be getting in a few weeks when I get paid

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