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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hi Grunge,

I ordered the SSW A310 download from the website, dying to try this one out as I remember you recommended it, and you know I like my Airbuses!

....Although I definately entered the right email address, nothing has come through yet, so I was just wondering if there was a long delay when you ordered ?

Other products that I've downloaded for an email delivery normally arrive within 10 minutes so I guess I'm a little concerned at spending £23 ($31) and having not received anything yet !

Never mind, I'm sure it'll come and I look forward to pestering you for some tips on the "old" bus!

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

......arghh !

Still no download from these guys (think they are Russian?), and the forum won't let me register for some reason.

OUCH! ..... Feeling like I've been stung.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

As I recall their general rule is after 24 hours of purchase you should email them for the code (if none has come). I don't recall it ever taking that long, but they're pretty quick about getting back to you.

I hope you enjoy the plane! It's going to take a stick-to-it attitude to really fly this one for all its worth, but I really do enjoy flying it. The 300/310 series for airbus has long been among my favorites! If only United flew them...

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

I also forgot to remind you of a few things. First: The manuals are real-world manuals, not imported for the simulator! (except for the FMC). This certainly will take some reading to understand. Second, unlike most addons, you MUST initialize the aircraft by entering the position in the upper left of the overhead panel, giving the IRS time to align. Similar to the new LDS, this could take up to 10 minutes (I believe this is an option you can configure).

There are a few tutorials on line that I reccomend doing a search for, but ultimately it's just going to take a combination of all of your aircraft background to get this one running =).

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Thanks for that....

I've got it sorted now and have just downloaded from the site - haven't launched the setup.exe yet will going to later today... Thanks for the tips, no doubt, I'll be coming to you for more advice once I've going through my type-rating on this fine 80s 'bus ! 😂


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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

😳 😳 😳 Oh my lord 😳 😳 😳

It's not going well......

So let's get this right, with the Download you get :-

- No manuals inlcuded
- NO liveries !

..... you have to go back to their spiders web of a confusing site, log in 3 times and then download.

Now I really want to like this but first impressions are stunningly poor... HAVE YOU HEARD THE SOUND ??!!! The A310 does not sound like this! It's the worst Sound file I ever heard - it's worse than any of the default Sound files, or any freeware file I ever heard !

Anway, I will persist for at least another hour or so but the SSW Forum is proving no help at all in solving some questions so I was wondering if you can help me with the following couple of Questions, Mr Grunge :-

--- Most of the IRS buttons are out of view of the panel (!), I'm fine on entering the coordinates but nothing is happening, the ECAM is permanently telling me "IRS in allign mode", I think I'm missing a final action.... I know you said 10 mins but I waited 25 and the IRS was still not usable yet.

--- More importantly than above, how to I switch the EFIS (PFD and ND) on ?? The display says "ATT" in red on the ND, and the PFS isn't even there, so I don't have an artificial horizon to be able to take off and fly !

I set the FMS up no problem with my route, etc, and was hoping that that would activate the EFIS displays but no good.

I got the APU and engines started up within minutes, (wished I hadn't when I heard the engines sound!) but can't go any further without having Primary Flying Instruments, or an alligned IRS.

Any help on these 2 pointers would be gratefully received !

Crying or Very sad What a totally half baked cake this is - SSW need to look hard at Level D / PSS / PMDG to see how professional the products are they are turning out ! 😉

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

The final straw was that the liveries don't even come with an Installer, in fact they don't even come with a README file !!! Just dozens of Texture and image files and no guidance on how to place them all.

This is totally not a moan at you Grunge as I know you enjoyed this but I do think I should warn others that SSW should be avoided at all costs in my view.... The reviews at Simmarket back this up.

They charge full Payware price for a product that just isn't of commercial quality.

The company appears to be run my a single person but he markets himself as though he is a pro developer.

You don't even get a single livery with the download (2nd rate liveries are available as further downloads from the site), and THEY HAVENT EVEN PRODUCED A MANUAL FOR THE PLANE - getting the actual A310 manual by another subsequent download is not good as it's not specific to this add-on.

Alround a really poor experiance and to be avoided in my view.

- Problems with purchase / download.
- Full price ($30).
- No manual with main Download.
- NO LIVERIES (Just standard Airbus colours).
- Liveries available on site have no installer or README file.
- Bugs: the AP will barely descend, they even admit it on the site !

Right > Let's get Level D 767 loaded up and get on with a real pro product!


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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Sorry that it's been such a hard trial. On the partial overhead where the APU/Engine controls are, you'll find a series of white switches to activate the displays. Are you sure you configured the IRS in the options menu? It has several selections, one of which is time. The manual thing is annoying (although I do like to read through the real thing), but with enough experience under your belt in flying complex aircraft, a good week just studying the cockpit should get you up in the air.

I remember saying things like this about the SSW, even the PMDG when I first started! I hope someday it grows on you.

Sorry about reccomending a lemon!!

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hey don't worry - not your fault at all my friend.

You're right, if I stuck with this I could probably get into enjoying it, I just consciously decided that as an overall package (considering the liveries probs, etc), I didn't really want to push on........ Mainly because I'm really enjoying the Level D 767 at the moment... in fact I'm addicted to that plane...... the handling is so great and I just love the sounds.... it's the only add-on currently where the engine sound fades out in the cruise and is replaced with mainly wind noise - I like touches like that - the Ground Roll noise is superb too..... Just love it, it's getting more hours than the NG at the moment....

And heres some good news for you Grunge - Level D 767 and Flight 1 ATR versions of FS2Crew are currently being developed and are due for release soon !

Can you imagine how good the 767 wil be will all the extra procedural stuff you get will FS2Crew !


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